About the Journal

Climate Economics and Finance (CEF) is a peer-reviewed journal for the publication of original research related to managing environmental systems and improving environmental quality. All papers submitted to the journal must be original and show a specific link with CEF applications. Specific areas of interest for the journal include:

  • Markets for energy commodities and derivatives
  • Regulation and taxation
  • Environmental and climate assessment (environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, life cycle analysis, material flow analysis, life cycle costing, emission accounting, etc.)
  • Social, economic and policy aspects of environmental management
  • Transportation modelling
  • Financial analysis
  • Other topics related to SDGs

The journal does not accept manuscripts exclusively focused on any of the following aspects:

  • Simulations/modelling, when predominantly oriented to mathematical issues
  • Reactions/process studies, when predominantly oriented to chemistry issues without an environmental viewpoint
  • Products/waste recycling research when broad environmental management aspects are not adequately accounted
  • Materials synthesis without, precise environmental management applications

Authors will be asked to provide a novelty and relevance statement indicating how the results are deemed original with respect to the state-of-the-art in the field, relevant and essential to the advance of knowledge on environmental management and applicable to a broader audience and wider contexts.

We aim to provide a high-quality peer-reviewed process to authors. This journal is a Gold Open Access journal; online readers are not allowed to pay any fee. All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived until the end of 2024 (year).