Agricultural Economic Analysis

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  1. Agricultural Income and Consumption. Study the development and transformation of agricultural economy and measures to increase farmers' income.
  2. International Agricultural Products Trade. Study the scale of agricultural product market, agricultural product logistics system, supporting services, and solutions to trade disputes.
  3. Farmer Employment. Study the current employment situation, employment mode and ways to increase farmers' employment.
  4. Land Economics. Study land use economy, land system innovation, and land value creation.
  5. Agricultural Finance and Insurance. Study rural financial system, rural cooperative bank financial business, rural leasing, small loans, agricultural product futures, financial management and investment, agricultural financial insurance, etc.
  6. Agricultural Public Goods. Study non-competitive products or services required for agricultural production and life. It involves water conservancy engineering, agricultural scientific research and technology extension, roads, weather forecasting, agricultural product market information, living infrastructure, social services and management.
  7. Agricultural Technology Economy. Study agricultural technical and economic issues in the entire agricultural sector or region, such as agricultural technological transformation, development and utilization of agricultural resources. It also involves the theoretical methods of agricultural technical economics, index systems, evaluation methods, and technical issues in agricultural production, circulation, and consumption.
  8. Poverty Issue. Study inequity in distribution mechanisms, agricultural productivity, urbanization, fan policy.
  9. Agricultural Development Strategy. Study agricultural productivity guarantee, national food security strategy, green and efficient agricultural development, sustainable utilization of agricultural water and soil resources, institutional guarantee, agricultural development planning, and development model.
  10. Others.

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