Development Economic Analysis

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  1. Frontier Issues of Growth Theory: Based on the traditional development economics theory, combined with the unique practical experience and research materials in the development of various countries, promote the theoretical innovation of development economics.
  2. Institution and Economic Development: Study the important role of institution, institutional innovation, institutional change and institutional competitiveness in a country's economic development.
  3. Structural transformation and new economic growth new drivers: Using development economics theory and new structural theory, explore new impetus of economic development by taking the structural transformation of population, economy, society and energy as the breakthrough point.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Platform Economy and Digital Economy Development: Pay attention to the digital transformation of enterprises and technological innovation, digital transformation of agriculture, intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, digital economy and coordinated development of regional economy, etc.
  5. Systemic Risks, Disasters and Development Security: Include theoretical and empirical research on risk society; public health emergencies and economic development, economic analysis of natural disasters, etc.
  6. Others.

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