International Trade Analysis

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  1. International Business Strategy. Study the overall and long-term planning for the global allocation of resources in international business activities.
  2. Global Value Chain. Study global cross enterprise network organization that connects production, sales, recycling processes to realize the value of goods or services.
  3. International Investment and Transnational Operation. Study international capital input and flow, international production division, transnational collaboration and competition.
  4. Trade Environment. Study the influencing factors of trade, including resource distribution, production structure, business practices, balance of payments, economic and trade policies, exchange rate system, market openness, tariff system, etc.
  5. Service Trade. Study the trade behavior of providing services for foreign enterprises entering other countries, including business services, communication services, sales services, education services, environmental services, financial services and social services.
  6. Trade Barrier. Study the impact of trade restrictions, as well as the system and tariff measures to solve trade barriers.
  7. International Finance. Study international financial environment, foreign exchange risk measurement, financing of financial companies, foreign investment decision-making, transnational operation management, transnational financial management, etc.
  8. International Economic Law. Study the legal system of international investment, international trade, principles and rules of international law on financial and monetary relations, regional monetary system, non-tariff trade barriers, and international tax law.
  9. Others.

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