Regional Economic Analysis

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  1. Urban economic assessment. Study on economic relations and the laws of urban development throughout emergence, growth, and urban-rural integration of urban areas.
  2. Regional industrial development and planning. Analyze the industrial development strategies and the major elements of industrial development in different regions, and issues in the selection of strategic emerging industries.
  3. International regional economy and trade. Study the causes of international trade occurrence, international trade policies, international trade practices, transnational investment and the relationship between international trade and economic development.
  4. Regional economic theory and methods. Study the sources and theories of regional economics, elaborate location theory of economic activities and influencing factors, explore regional spatial structure and regional economic methods.
  5. Regional development strategies and regional policies. Study on improving the spatial distribution of economic activities in the home country, promoting the balanced and effective development of each region's economy, and the various measures and behaviors implemented.
  6. Economic geography. Study the complex systems of human-earth relations, relations between regions of equal scale in the context of globalization, regional economic competitiveness and social equity, spatial processes and external spatial effects of enterprises internal activities, etc.
  7. Others.

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