About the Journal

Founded in 2022 by a group of Chinese managerialist and supported by Anser Press.

The Organizational Development and Human Resource Management (ODHRM) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to analyze and explain the laws of organizational development and the methods of human resource management. ODHRM welcomes theoretical and empirical papers that bring to bear careful analytical technique on important questions related to organization issues.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Organization sustainable development

Enterprise economic growth

Enterprise Strategy

Low carbon development of enterprises

Policy formulation and evaluation

Organization behavior

Leadership style

Employee behavior

The journal provides authors with an efficient and high-quality review. All submitted manuscripts are first sent to the editor for evaluation, and then suitable manuscripts will proceed to peer review. Peer review is double-blind.

The journal is an open access journal, meaning that articles are open to access for every researcher to read and download.