About the Journal

Scientific Innovation in Asia (ISSN: 3029-1259) is an international journal started and administrated by Alliance Press. This journal mainly publishes cutting-edge and latest research fruits in the fields of natural sciences and social sciences, mainly covering computer science, civil engineering, machinery, materials, education, psychology, medicine, economics, management, literature and other disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary research papers, survey reports, reviews.

With the principles of "scientific rigor, innovation, open communication", we develop science and technology to meet the needs of society, and promote theoretical innovation and scientific and technological progress. SIA strives to become an international high-level journal in the fields of computer science, civil engineering, machinery, materials and other fields.

This journal attaches great importance to the quality of the journal, various academic evaluation indicators such as the total citations, impact factor, subject impact index, subject diffusion index, number of cited journals, and the proportion of funded papers, especially high-quality national and provincial manuscripts.