Noninvasive Deep-Tissue Temperature Monitoring Based on Magnetic Mediated Thermoacoustics


  • Siyu Liu Southwest Institute of Technical Physics; Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China



Thermoacoustic; Magnetically mediated thermoacoustic; Temperature sensing


Noninvasive acquisition of deep tissue temperature has important applications in home health monitoring, hyperthermia safety control, and other domains. In this work, we present here a novel magnetically mediated thermoacoustic temperature measurement method. Utilizing coil to stimulate amplitude modulated magnetic field and ultrasound transducer to receive the generated thermoacoustic wave from the inserted magnetic nanoparticles. Benefiting from the high sensitivity of thermoacoustic emission from nanoparticles and the deep penetration capability of both magnetic field and ultrasound propagation, the proposed thermoacoustic temperature measurement system enables a high measurement accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius in real time. This work potentially facilitates further development of closed loop magnetic hyperthermia for practical clinical applications.


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