Editorial Team

____________________________  Editor-in-Chief  ____________________________

Shuai Shao    view ≫

Affiliation: School of Business, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Interests: Applied economics (energy economy and environmental policy, regional sustainable development); Management science and engineering (resource and environment management).

Biography: Dr. Shao Shuai is a Professor and Vice Dean of Business School of East China University of Science and Technology. He is a visiting scholar of Oxford University, holder of major program of the National Social Science Foundation of China, Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National High-level Young Talents, and "New Century Excellent Talents" of the Ministry of Education. He has been selected as the "Highly Cited Researcher of Clarviate", “top 5% of the world's economists (RePEc/IDEAS database)”, and “top 100000 scientists in the world (released by the global scholar database)”. His main research fields are energy economy and environmental policy, resource and environmental management, and regional sustainable development. He has published more than 150 papers in Nature Geoscience, Nature Sustainability, Environmental & Resource Economics, Energy Journal, World Development, Global Environmental Change, Environmental Science & Technology, Ecological Economics, Energy Economics, Journal of Transport Geography, Cities, Journal of Environmental Management, etc.

___________________________  Associate Editors  ___________________________

Khaldoon Albitar    view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Business and Law, University of Portsmouth, UK

Interests: Corporate Disclosure; Voluntary Disclosure; Social and Environmental Responsibility; Integrated Reporting; Corporate Governance; Reporting Quality; IFRS and Earning Management

Rui Dias    view ≫

Affiliation: School of Business and Administration, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal

Interests: Financial Markets; Portfolio Rebalancing, Hedging Assets; Safe Havens; Sustainable Investments

Ick Jin    view ≫

Affiliation: Director General, Economic Analysis Department of the National Assembly Budget Office, Korea

Interests: Circular Economy; Climate Finance; ESG; Green Growth; System Dynamics

Kaliappa Kalirajan    view ≫

Affiliation: Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia

Interests: Modelling and Analysis of Sources of Growth: Micro and Macro Perspectives; Regional Economic Groupings and International Trade; Low Carbon Energy Systems in Asia

David Neto    view ≫

Affiliation: IFM Business School, Switzerland

Interests: Mathematical Economics; Econometrics

Krishna Reddy    view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Business, Design and Services Industries, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Interests: Corporate Governance; Corporate Finance; Portfolio Management; Personal Financial Planning; Mergers and Acquisitions; Small Business Finance

Mengzhong Zhang    view ≫

Affiliation: Gannon University, USA

Interests: Public Administration History and Theory; Public Budgeting and Fiscal Administration; Public Economics; Human Resource Management; Program Evaluation

Haitao Wu   view ≫

Affiliation: School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Interests: Macroeconomics; Quantitative Economics; Energy Economy; Environmental Policy

________________________  Editorial Board Members  ________________________

Larissa M. Batrancea    view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Business, Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania

Interests: Behavioral Public Finance; Financial and Tax Literacy; Economic and Financial Analysis; Game Theory Applied to Business

Kenny Ching    view ≫

Affiliation: WPI Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Interests: Organization Behavior; Digital Economy; Innovation

John P. Christie   view ≫

Affiliation: Sloane School of Business & Communication, Regis College, USA

Interests: Digital Transformation; Platform Economy

Victoria Dobrynskaya    view ≫

Affiliation: School of Finance, HSE University, Russia

Interests: Empirical Finance; International Finance; Asset Pricing; Crypto-finance; Alternative Investments; Investment Strategies

Yanchao Feng   view ≫

Affiliation: School of Business, Zhengzhou University, China

Interests: Environmental Economics; Urban Economics; Spatial Economics; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Dahai Fu   view ≫

Affiliation: School of International Trade and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, China

Interests: International Trade; Development Economics; Chinese Economy

Md. Sharif Hossain    view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Interests: Econometrics; Business Mathematics; Business Statistics; Business Cycle

Evan Lau   view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Economics and Business, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia

Interests: Applied Econometrics; Macroeconomics; International Economics; Empirical Economics; Socioeconomics

Hoang Phong Le   view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Finance and Accounting Management, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam

Interests: Public Finance; Environmental Economics; Energy Economics

Amedeo Lepore   view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Economics, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Italy

Interests: Economic History; Business and Financial History; Evolution of Capitalism; Technologies and Finance

Lifu Li   view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Interests: Social Media Platform; Live Streaming Commerce; Online Consumer Behaviour; Digital Entrepreneurship; Social & Cultural Studies

Shinhua Liu   view ≫

Affiliation: School of Finance, University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Interests: Corporate Finance; Financial Markets; International Finance

Guoxiang Li    view ≫

Affiliation: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China

Interests: Environmental Economics; Digital Transformation; Sustainable Development

Daria Loginova   view ≫

Affiliation: Socioeconomics Group, Agroscope, Tänikon, Switzerland

Interests: Agricultural Socioeconomics; Econometrics

Paolo Maranzano    view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Interests: Environment; Energy; Socio-economic

Agata Matarazzo    view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Economics and Business, University of Catania, Italy

Interests: Quality and Environmental Management Systems; Life Cycle Assessment; Circular Economy; Eco Sustainability Instruments

Bin Mo    view ≫

Affiliation: Institute of Finance, Guangzhou University, China

Interests: Macro Finance; Financial Market; Financial Risk; Monetary Policy; Time Series Analysis

Katarzyna Pietrucha-Urbanik   view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland

Interests: Environmental Engineering; Water Supply Systems

Siyu Ren   view ≫

Affiliation: School of Economics, Nankai University, China

Interests: Empirical Economics; International Investment Management; Energy Economics; Resource Environment Management

Mojtaba Rezaei    view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Management, University of Turin, Italy

Interests: Knowledge Management; Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Business Internationalisation; Immigrant-owned Business; Digitalisation

Mihaela Simionescu    view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Administration and Business, University of Bucharest, Romania

Interests: International Migration; Immigration; Labour Markets and International Economics; Statistics; Econometrics; Data Collection and Analysis

Yacoub Sleibi    view ≫

Affiliation: Faculty of Business, Bethlehem University, Palestine

Interests: Financial Economics; Empirical Banking; Global Factors; Panel Data Analysis

Yunqing Tao    view ≫

Affiliation: National School of Development, Peking University, China

Interests: Corporate Innovation; Digital Economy; Digital Finance; Environmental Policy

Andreas G. Tsopanakis    view ≫

Affiliation: Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK

Interests: Financial Stability; Systemic Risk

Cunyi Yang    view ≫

Affiliation: Lingnan College, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Interests: Digital Finance; Financial Risk; Green Finance

Jinliang Zhang    view ≫

Affiliation: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA

Interests: Large Systems; Applied Mathematics; Econometric Analysis; Probability & Statistics; Mathematical Modeling

Justyna Żywiołek    view ≫

Affiliation: Department of Production and Safety Engineering, Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland

Interests: Society 5.0; Safety Information; Knowledge Management; IoT; Big Data



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