Analysis of the Mediating Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty Affecting Commercial Bank Credit


  • Juan Meng Business School, Hunan First Normal University, Changsha, China
  • Zhe Zhou Rady school of management, University of California San Diego, San Diego, USA



Economic policy uncertainty Mediating effect, Credit scale


We analyze the annual microdata of China's 100 commercial banks from 2007 to 2018 using the mediating effect analysis method, analyze the negative impact of economic policy uncertainty on the credit scale of commercial banks, and then verify the intermediary effects of the operational risks and short-term capital liquidity of commercial banks in the impact of economic policy uncertainty on the scale of commercial bank credit, separately. Moreover, we find that non-state-owned commercial banks, large-scale commercial banks, low-leverage commercial banks, and commercial banks with low profitability are more susceptible to economic policy uncertainty affecting commercial bank credit growth through short-term capital liquidity, and vice versa.


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Meng, J., & Zhou, Z. (2023). Analysis of the Mediating Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty Affecting Commercial Bank Credit. Financial Economics Letters, 1(1), 13–20.