Financial Analysis

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  1. Financial Market and Institutions. Study the operation mechanism of financial market and the behavior of each subject.
  2. Corporate Finance. Study how companies effectively use financing channels to obtain the lowest cost capital source and form an appropriate capital structure. Also include enterprise investment, profit distribution, capital management and financial analysis.
  3. Investment Analysis. Security analysis, portfolio management, asset pricing, market microstructure, sustainable or ESG investing, etc.
  4. Financial Engineering. Study the pricing and practical application of financial derivatives.
  5. Financial Analysis of Economic Events. PMI, retail sales, housing, consumer sentiments, inflation, interest rate, unemployment, monetary policy, fiscal policy, imports, exports, current account, capital account, exchange rate, etc.
  6. Money, Banking and Economics. Study the general rules of money circulation and financial system operation, as well as the theory and practice of the relationship between them and economic development.
  7. International Finance. From the perspective of monetary finance, study the simultaneous realization of internal and external equilibrium in an open economy.
  8. Public Finance. Study how the governments raise, use and manage funds to meet the public needs of society.
  9. Insurance. Insurance theory, market and practice.
  10. Mathematical Finance. Quantitative analysis and research on the theory and practice of finance using modern mathematical theories and methods.
  11. Fintech. Study the theory of technology and finance combination, as well as the development status, driving mechanism, influencing factors and practical effects of Fintech.
  12. Others.

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