How to Improve the World Impact of the Western Region's Economy in Today's Economic Situation - A Literature Review


  • Yuqi Liu School of Economics, Shijiazhuang Railway University, Shijiazhuang, China


Western Region, Economic Development, Digital Economy, Global Influence


This paper delves into strategies to elevate the global influence of China's western region's economy amidst current global economic dynamics. Recognizing the necessity for economic advancement in this region, the study initiates with an analysis of the prevailing economic development trends both globally and within China, acknowledging the smooth operation of China's economy against a backdrop of global economic recuperation challenges. Through a detailed exploration of the theoretical and practical significance, the paper underscores the criticality of this research. It reviews the existing scholarly discourse, noting a domestic focus on digital economy enhancements in the western region, contrasted with international analyses rooted in broader assessments of China's economic landscape. The document culminates in a comprehensive review, positing the study's contributions towards understanding and improving the economic stature of China's western region on the world stage.